Monday, March 13, 2017


Bringing you the Light

I see you in your darkness
Clouds about your eyes
I hear you in the silence
Telling yourself lies.

What is it in the emptiness
That draws you to the void?
Makes you give yourself to it
When hope has been deployed?

I feel you in the loneliness
I touch you in your pain
Reaching hands that want to heal
And make you whole again.

What is it in the shadow world
That makes you flee the light?
Running shoe-less from the day
Into the breath of night?

I cannot go where you fall to
That river runs too deep
I cannot soothe your weary soul
That will not rest in sleep.

I only wait till you come back
Sit quietly by your side
Give you my smile as you un-rile
And mend your broken pride.

The battle scars upon your heart
Were not put there by me
 I watch you fight night after night
Foes only you can see.

You come and go, you hide and seek
You leave me all alone
But the warrior in you knows that I 
Will welcome you back home.

You are a dark and angry man
Sometimes you terrify
But I can face that terror down
With fierceness in my eyes.

And I can take you in my arms
And love that hurt away
Let sun shine in your shuttered eyes
And turn that dark to day.

The warrior in me knows the truth
That your heart keeps out of sight:
The darkness in you has to flee
When I come and bring the light.

For light is sweet and light is life
And darkness has to bow
Come to my hands, ablaze with love
The night has fled for now.

by Voo
©June 27, 10