Tuesday, March 14, 2017

the cat with One big EYE

the cat with One Big EYE

Walked out the door the other day
Heading for my car 
Dropped my car keys on the grass 
Didn't know what for 
Heard a sound behind my back 
Didn't see a thing 
But didn't like the sound of it 
Was like a growwwwlllling..........

Scooped up the keys 
And did it quick
Scared of unseen foes 
I turned around and on the ground 
I stopped dead still and froze 
There was a cat with one big Eye 
Staring up at me 
Looking like a tiny tiger 
Hungry for such as me.......

I backed up slowly 
And ran away 
Hurried to my car 
But when I got to the side of the Ford 
The cat was already there 
Where ya going? the cat then asked 
And I didn't know what to say 
I'd never spoken to a cat before 
It was turning out to be a strange day.....

Uh...I''m going to work
I finally just blurted out 
And I looked around with one eye on the ground 
For someone to whom I could shout 
Just chill out, man, the cat then said 
It's not your day to die
Then the alarm clock screamed 
And it shattered the dream 
But all I could do was lie...,,,,,

In a pool of sweat, sheets soaking wet 
So happy I could cry 
The dream was no more 
But when I opened the door..... 
There was the cat with one big Eye.

by Voo            
Jan 30, 2005
 10:30 p.m.