Monday, March 20, 2017



 .........DIABOLICAL......see ME?
bathed in CRIMSON RED and GIVING OFF the fragrance of the HAUNTED
Here I stand in FRONT of your FACE only Inches away
tasting your breath And breathing in your SCENT and you do not hear me sigh...
Feel me? I am touching you with trembling ghostly fingers RUNNING my hands
through YOUR HAIR, pulling you close ENOUGH TO KISS YET YOU DO  NOT perceive MY PRESENCE.

And if you did, you would not care. Love me? THE QUESTION makes me LAUGH!
YOU, WHO KNOWS no need AND NO desire. A walking, wounding, raging RAINSTORM LIVING ONLY TO QUENCH MY FIRE ......yet, you live on AND I, I die in DEATH..... a BODY buried under mounds of hurt and cannot catch my breath. . . . red, LIKE THE COLOR OF PASSION, LIKE THE HUE OF HELL'S HOT FLAME, LIKE THE HATE I SEE IN YOUR EYES WHEN SOMEONE SAYS my name. . . . 

YOU are DIABOLICAL as ALWAYS, damn you! YOU with your cold, unfeeling BEAUTY that killed me with REJECTION AND GAVE ME NO second THOUGHT. . . . I stand in front of YOU on this dark night WITH bloody red HANDS that hold the HEART YOU RIPPED FROM MY LOVING BREAST........ 
HANDING IT TO YOU like some macabre CHRISTMAS GIFT................. 
once more REJECTED, once more TURNED AWAY and loving you more than LIFE. . . 


November 19, 2005 
8:51 p.m. 

*thanks Mark for your gorgeous face*