Sunday, March 19, 2017

CATNIP and no, it's not about cats.....

More by Yello  please play............goes with poem


You are catnip
And I'm a cat
I'm addicted to you
And that is that

You make me crazy
You make me yowl
You make me scream
You make me howl

You make me want you
You make  me crawl
Write on the walls
In frenzied scrawl

You do things to me
That I can't speak
You make me stronger
You make me weak

You fill  my senses
You fill my heart
You make me crave you
When we're apart

You are the sunlight
On cloudy days
You are the sea
And all it's waves

You are the mountains
I want to climb
You are my lover
Till end of time

You call my name
I melt like wax
You tell me theories
I take as facts

You are my circus
You are my clown
The acrobat
That pulls me down

Your kisses fire me
Your touch, commands
Your eyes, they draw me
Into your hands

I stand before you
I stand beside
You open your heart,
I come inside

I am your mad thing
I  am your pet
And I'm the sweet taste
You can't forget

I have no reason
Have no excuse
For what I become
When you seduce

This raging river
Within me flows
Floods all my boundaries
And on it goes

Where you might lead me
Where you might live
To take the last drop
Of what I give

You say I'm shameless
And yes, it's true
I'm shameless in my,
My need of you

I'm like two people,
Another girl
One foot in this
And in your world

So prim and proper
They say of me
But they don't know
The girl you see

And so they shall not
It's for your eyes
For you're my treasure,
My earthly prize

I am a lady
And I'm a saint
But in your strong arms
Oh, no, I  ain't!

I may be crazy
I may be lost
But I am yours, love
And damn the cost

For there is no one
No man, you see
That has the power
To vanquish me

But your hard kisses
And your soft touch
Fulfills the hunger
I feel so much

No other lover
No other kiss
Can take me to
The place of bliss

I hear you calling
I sense your steps
I 'm here to give you
What I have left

And in the midnight
And at the dawn
Through storm and sunlight
You turn me on

Just like a tiger
Just like a lion
I pace this jungle
Await your sign

For you are catnip
And I'm a cat
And that is all
I'll say on that.

©by Voo
June 25, 2011
10:52 p.m.