Monday, March 20, 2017


        Hurry, Sundown

Nothing in the past
Can prepare you for the present
Nothing in the day
Can prepare you for the night
Not when it is filled with glory
And the promise of a thousand fires.

Sunset comes
And the day pales
Like a rock beside a diamond
Like a star beside a sun
Like a stream beside an ocean.

Fire in all it's forms is beautiful
Fire in all it's beauty hides a terror 
For nothing is more terrifying than beauty
When it is used to hurt and not to heal.

There came a time
When lightining struck a tree
And fire was born
In a world that still revolves
Around the greatest fire of all.

Staring into the west, I think
No human could paint that,
No man could compose that,
No weapon could destroy that.

See how the fire of sky
Meets the fire of sea
Runs through the desert like a river
And turns the ordinary into the mystic.

If I could stand here forever,
I would.
If I would turn into spirit,
I could.

But sunsets flicker like dying candles
And lose themselves in blue shades and black
Give the eye of flesh a glimpse of heaven
And are gone before you've seen what you have seen.

When night falls like a dark blanket,
My heart feels cheated
For I was made for sun and shine
And flame and flash and magic.

Hurry sundown
Can't you hear me calling?
Bring out the fire
Can you not see I'm cold?

Tomorrow comes too slowly
Ends, too slowly
I sleepwalk through the day, with hurried patience
Waiting for the show within the West.

Hurry, sundown.
I need your fire.


By Voo

April 20, 09
11:30 p.m.

*top photo by Larry K*