Friday, March 31, 2017


  I Dreamed of Apples

I dreamed of apples
On a tree of thorns
Saw dying things
Yet to be born
Black winding ribbons
That held me fast
And locked me in
The siren's grasp.

It was a nightmare
I know that now
But I kept dreaming
It anyhow
I couldn't stop
I couldn't flee
For her desire
Was taunting me.

Her strange black eyes
They saw my soul
They turned to liquid
My heart of gold
Her slender fingers
Reached out to me
And showed me pleasures
I could not see.

I felt the danger
But sought the harm
As she enfolded 
Me in her arms
Her pale face shone
There in the light
That turned to dusk
And then to night.

And though she held me
And kissed my lips
I felt my feet
Begin to slip
And I looked down
And the shore was gone
My feet were flailing
On a sea of bones.

The horror of it
I could not bear
I reached to grab
Her raven hair
She laughed and caught
Me as I fell
As Heaven fled   
Replaced by Hell.

Her long black hair
To snakes, it turned
She touched my skin
Oh, how it burned
Her lover's eyes
Had pulled me in
Now an abyss
Of shame and sin.

"You want my apples?"
She smiled to lure
"Sad little man
So weak and pure
Then take a bite!"
And to my mouth
She crushed the apple
And killed my doubt.

The fruit was poison
But tasted sweet
Juice red as blood
Full of deceit
My belly burning
Soul ripped in two
No longer knowing
The lie from true.

And from my mouth
She kissed the juice
And from my heart
She ripped the truth
In love, I fell
There in her glance
Twirled in her arms
Died in her dance.

All night we sang
Enchanted songs
And night went running
In fear of dawn
And oh, I loved her
As I'd never loved
Unfathomed passion
Till  the morn rose up.

As the sun pulled back
The shades of night
My eyes flew open
To adore her sight
But there before me
Horror untold
A creature lay
Reptilian, old.

I threw back my head
And began to scream
Praying, "God, please wake
Me from this dream!"
But the creature grasped
Me to it's breast
And plunged a blade
Into my chest.

"You little man."
She hissed at me
And hung me on
The briar tree
"What good are you?"
She said in scorn
And changed back to
Her lovely form.

And flew away
And left me hang
With the poison apples
As her laughter rang
Then I awakened
To my great relief
Prayed for forgiveness
And my unbelief.

I lay and cried
Till my tears ran out
Pondered the dream
What it was about
Then I smiled as joy
Swept me like a flood
Till I saw I lay
In a bed of blood.

  ©by Voo
  image ©by InertiaK
  (up top)
June 29, 10
7:13 p.m.