Friday, March 31, 2017



                Love is like a Trojan Horse
                It snuck silently into my life
                Under false pretenses
                On the one night I was not on guard.

                You know I speak the truth
                Deny it not     
                Those deep deep eyes
                Couldn't hide the truth if truth was just a lie.

                You think because you wear soft shoes
                That you can dance on me
                But you do an impressive pirouette,
                Don't you?

                Mockingbirds take lessons
                For you excel at mocking
                Filling the air with illusions of songs
                That are only noises.

                If I could legally exterminate
                The memory of you, would I do it?
                I lie in bed and think about that, hours on end
                Dream of revenge, even as I grovel in wanting.

                There is none so blind
                As he who will not see
                But I have looked and I have seen
                And I have looked away.

                And now I see with eyes wide open
                All the ravages you brought with you
                All the dents and damages
                You left in your wake.

                I barely recognize myself today
                In the shattered mirrors of your eyes
                So slyly does your mouth smile
                And so coldly do your fingers touch my skin.

                Yes! This is a poem for you!
                Yes! This is a song about you!
                Yes, yes, yes! This page is filled with love and hate
                The two edged sword you cut me with.

                And all the things you make me feel
                And all the deaths you make me die,
                All the joys you crushed beneath your shoes
                In the days that followed my surrender.

                There was so much promise there
                In the beginning.............
                So much sweetness springing forth from me
                Like a fountain flowing from a rock.

                I thought you came from God
                I thought you held the stars within your hands
                And all the songs that had ever been written
                Had been composed by you.

                Saboteur! Traitor! Deceiver!
                How I long to take back every yesterday
                And replace them with tomorrow!

                You are a cold wind that ever blows
                And no candle I can light will keep it's glow for long
                You will not allow it.................
                You will not give me the warmth I need to survive.

                Turning hope to dust and peace to war
                Making unholy, that which was sacred in my eyes
                As my brokenness falls upon your battlefield.

                If I did not love you, it would not matter
                If I did not hate you, I could not bear this pain
                You were the traitor and I, the betrayed
                And yet it is I, who stands before the firing squad at dawn.
                But no more will I wear the hood and mask
                No more will I twist myself away from what is coming
                From this moment forward, when you fire that gun,
                I want you to kill me as you look in my eyes.

                You have made me into something I never was
                And the only way to change me is to kill me
                I will not beg of you but I will not run
                My hate, a shield too heavy to hold................
                Still wants to die in your arms


                © by Voo
                Aug 2, 2011
                1:37 a.m.