Saturday, April 1, 2017


Twilight, Last

Twilight, last
We walked the paths
Of passion like the thunder
The tide of which
Rolled over us
And then it pulled us under.

The gold
To sapphire blue, it turned
The day
To evening hue
And all I felt was needing's grasp
And all I saw was you.

We stumbled
More than ran, to meet
As rain began to fall
And gathered love up
In our arms
And answered wanting's call.

The barn
With roof
Of battered tin
The hay strewn for our bed
Your arms, an offering in the cold
And pillow for my head.

And then
We kissed
And all the world
Began to fade from sight
As midnight captured twilight's blue
And morning captured night.

Twilight, last
We walked the paths
That today we may regret
We pass, discreet
On noonday street
Like our hearts have never met.

But soon
Wild wind
Will blow again
And the thunder's roar will call
And we'll go running down that path
And again, in love, we'll fall.   

©By Voo