Saturday, April 1, 2017


Hope In Small Things

Life, like everything, goes round

On it's own terms
Spinning in invisible circles, moving
To unwritten, unheard music in God's head.

I guess I wanted it to be different somehow

For me to be somebody special
Like the people I see on the streets, maybe
Walking past me, talking to their friends.

I guess I wanted to know what it felt like

To be loved
To be treated every once in a while
Instead of tricked every bless'ed morning.

But nobody asked me

So I just make up my own life as I go
Music plays softly in the background of my soul
And sometimes I dance when nobody's watching.

I find hope in small things on occasion

Wisps of wonder, magic in motion
I thought someone almost smiled at me once
And I kinda smiled back behind my hand.

But it still feels like

I'm living somebody else's life
It's not working for me
Maybe it would work for you.

I'm not asking for the world

Just a taste of joy, a bite of happy
I could live on that for a thousand years
I could run off that till my feet fell off.

I'm starving to death

Pandering on these mean streets for love
Those hopeful moments
Come spaced farther and farther apart now.

But something inside me keeps whispering

Don't give up. Don't let this sorrow kill you
Keep looking for the small things that give you hope
For hope, like life, will surely come round again.

Oh, God, let it come round again.

©By Voo

December 30, 07