Tuesday, March 28, 2017


let that devil be

perpetrating storm
she lied with sunshine
flattering with a look
that belied her cold disdain

patronizing innocence
she became my heart's betrayer
falling in with clear skies
she became my drowning rain

truth was not one of her gifts
nor was it in her nature
sincerity's beguiling dance
a trap I dropped into

 red rose scent upon her skin
it hid the smell of danger
luscious lips and snake skinned hips
and dark clouds in the blue

seducing like a sideshow
in the eyes of curiosity
in the latter days of childhood
before the boy became the man

I threw my money at her feet
and entered at her bidding
left my soul at her front door
and I've not seen it again

flashing pretty darkness
the morning fled forever
redemption's promise blazed and burned
and the rays of sun were gone

swallowing me like a sugary treat
she wiped her hands and mouth
threw me in with a thousand men
and her lair became my home

perpetrating storm
she lied with sunshine
her hands of sin are never full
and now they're holding me

if you should hear her honeyed voice
don't listen to her calling
turn your ears from her sweet song
and let that devil be.

©by Voo
Sept 24, 10
2:36 a.m.