Friday, March 17, 2017


Sharp Pink Nails

Raking my sharp pink nails down my own shoulders
Shoulders that once you referred to as fragile
But shoulders that I know as strong enough to bear
The weight of the world and more
I thought of the way your kiss used to make me melt
Like honey and would burn me all the way down my belly
Like that German liquor you plied me with on our first date
I never understood you. That was your favorite thing to say
Never is a strong word but absolutely descriptive 
Of the truth of my understanding of you
How could I? You revealed nothing but scripted fantasy
You gave nothing but what would serve you best
You loved no one but yourself...............................
Thinking that the nail on my forefinger looked like a dagger
I ran it across my wrist, imagining what it would be like
To cut it deep and let it run with cleansing blood
Washing away your memory and the fact that
Ever since you left
I can't seem to feel anymore.

©by voo
dec 25, 2004 5 p.m.