Thursday, April 6, 2017


A Dozen Rubies

A dozen rubies fell to my feet
Scattered by your hand
You'd come to ask me for my love
And proclaim yours for me and
A thousand diamonds promised me
When promise I had made
While the topaz sun high in the sky
Burned us in the shade.

The grass an emerald shade of green
Lay below your feet and mine
From crystal cup we two did sup
The aged garnet wine
Grapes in clustered amethyst 
You fed me from your fingers
And kissed the residue away
While afternoon did linger.

With silver tongue you spoke the words
My sweet heart to seduce
Like opals changing in the light
The outcome to deduce
Your turquoise eyes lit up with joy
Every time I smiled
I teased you with my pearl white hands
And we waltzed a little while.

The blue sky turned to jasper
Then agate, then sapphire
We lay and watched the end of day
As the sunset turned to fire
The dozen rubies crushed beneath
My onyx colored hair
Then I saw the black lies in your eyes
Carefully hidden there.

You did not know that I could see
The truth there in the man
(No precious jewel can buy my heart
From yours or any hand)
In twilight's hue I turned to you
At the sun's last golden glow
Your jaded eyes full of surprise
As I softly told you....... no.

©by Voo
Jan 22, 2005