Friday, April 7, 2017


The Light Always Comes

The light is low here at the end of day
And soon these hours will have died
Their little deaths and gone to where
All good hours go: To memory.

Then tomorrow will be born
Out of space and time
And we will march through that new day
With weary, though grateful feet.

You and I, my friend, we are so different
Yet so much the same
You came from there, I came from here
And where we'll end up, is known only to God.

So let us not fear the night
With it's darkness and shadow
For on the eastern horizon shines
The promise of sun, of hope, of continual day break.

It always comes. It always comes
And if it does not, for some of us
We will sleep in peaceful dreams
And wake in a land where there is no night.

©by Voo
Aug 25, 07