Friday, April 7, 2017


On The Edge of Night

I spotted you on the edge of night
Like a waking dream on a morning that will not rise
Your hand waved gently but your eyes held mine with a grip of iron
And across the chasm, our souls touched.

A wolf stood by your side but it whimpered at your word
A raven, nodding with mournful face, cried out a voiceless song
It was a yearning that cannot be spoken
And a darkness that breaks out in sun, and a coming home.

Wonder filled me as I stood dying and rising up again
A rapture and a terror like an ancient thing made new
The moon lay silently about your shoulders
Then fell at your feet, as the shadows passed by, along with my trembling heart.

The chasm beckoned with an unfulfilled hunger

Engulfed me in abandon and a never known joy
And as you watched and waited, in that endless, endless longing
My feet with wings of innocence, found the bridge that was not there.

©By Voo
July 23, 09
11:30 p.m.