Saturday, April 8, 2017


Earthly Creatures

We are earthly creatures
Marked by life
And slowed
By death.

We are lifted
By love
And downed
By reality.

Our lives
Are long walks
Through deserts
Interspersed with an oasis or two.

Friends are roses
Blooming along
The gray roadsides
That we stumble upon.

And families
Are usually people
That start out as friends
And end up as strangers.

Such is life
This thing we must do
As we search for meaning
And solace in the storm.

If true love comes
It comes as a surprise
And like children, we, without thought 
Rip open the packages.

The roads wind through mountains
And our eyes are darkened
By tears and rain and loss
And brightened in the moments of sunshine.

We are creatures
Like no others
We are not animals
No matter if we live like they.

We are men
Who walk upright
And seek to rise
While falling down.

And if, at the end of it all
We are counted worthy
To be adopted by heavenly creatures
We will adapt, though it will be hard, to joy.

©by Voo
1:24 a.m. 

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