Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Beautiful In Love

He makes me feel like a woman 
When he smiles 
I am enveloped in warm honey and moon glow 
I am bathed in sunshine and sweetness 
And I am so glad to be alive. 

He sees me like I'm beautiful 
And always has 
Even though I know I am not fair 
Or fine or lovely as the girls he painted 
On the canvases of his youth. 

He shines me like a diamond 
With his artist's hands 
Outlining my features with his fingertips, 
My mouth, with the curve of his thumb 
I am subtly, and permanently, imprinted. 

He holds me like a treasure 
As though I were fragile 
And I let him think I am 
For my strength would only make him feel 
His weakness. 

Oh, but when he touches me 
In the darkness! 
In the cocoon of love he spins there 
Dancing to the music of my joy 
Flying as one, on a single pair of wings. 

Without light, I forget his eyes are blind 
And cannot look upon my face 
Cannot see the sunrise, or the setting, 
The full moon hanging in the sky, or storm clouds
Unless he sees them through my seeing tongue.

He gives me more than I can give to him 
Because my eyes are full of life 
And his are full of memory and of wonder 
Gifts he finds, on the midnight paths he walks 
With sharpened senses I will never know. 

He's painted all my sorrows now with beauty 
In tender shades of love and light, 
Traced my heartbreak with knowing hands 
Until it disappeared 
And cast it far into a hidden sea. 

The world he paints for me 
Is more magical than the one he remembers
When his eyes were whole and unwounded 
And his brush yielded poetry to hang on the walls 
In a world that could not be framed. 

I did not know how blind I was 
Until he found me and showed me the light 
That love only illumines in a life that's gone dark 
I did not know that my unlovely face 
Could look back from a portrait, and be beautiful in love. 

He makes me feel like a woman 
When he smiles 
And when I tease him with silence, he reaches out, 
Touches my lips, my heart, my soul 
And sees the sun shining on my face. 


©by Voo 
July 29, 09 
7:43 p.m.