Saturday, April 8, 2017


Body Surfing on Ocean Beach

Look! A falling star, I said
And as you turned, my lips caught you
In the hollow of your throat
It was midnight and the sand was warm
The sky was clear, the wine was cold
And you were the sweetest dream
I'd ever had.

Listen to the waves, I said
And as you listened, I heard my heart
Thunder louder than the highest tide
The ocean behind you in the moonlight glowed
And you smiled at me
Sparkling like a diamond
In my lonely eyes.

The beach was ours
The world was ours, so it appeared
And hand in hand, we walked
Till midnight died and left a hint of dawn
And we laughed and laughed till the puncture wounds
In both our hearts were mended
And we walked on.

Look! A falling star, you said
And as I looked, your lips caught me
On the mouth, my hungry mouth
And devoured me with your wanting
Little white waves kissed our ankles
And we loved each other
Till the tide came in again.

©by Voo
July 29, 07
2 a.m.

                                                      Ocean sounds