Saturday, April 8, 2017



You and I, we long for things forbidden
We long for love that never can be given
We yearn for dances in the dark of night
And feel the lure of love kept out of sight.

You and I, we need what's not conceded
We've heard the warnings our ears never heeded
And yet, our hearts, so lost in love's demands
Fell into love and took it from our hands.

You and I, we live in simulation
Of life and breath, yet live in stimulation
Of passing glance and touch of fingertips
And yearn in vain for brush of tender lips.

You and I, we pass on crowded streets
Surreptitiously, maneuver there to meet
Touch of hand and sigh and catch of breath
And then are whisked away to lover's death.

How long will this go on, I cannot say
So many years now, we have lived this way
So many nights we've cried until the dawn
And held to hope though hope in hope has gone.

You and I, of blood and creed apart
We feel no difference, bonded in our hearts
We see no ancient need to separate
But live in cruel abeyance to our fates.

My love, my love, my soul, what must I do?
My destiny was sealed when I saw you
My heart was given to that golden hand
And I became your woman, you, my man.

You and I, are promised to the others
But our two souls will never join another's
Our hearts are melded into shape of one
And so will be until our lives are done.

So in the marketplace, we steal a look
You drop a flower for me in a book
You smile a smile that no one else will see
And in your way, I know you're loving me.

My father meets your father in the square
And scowls, pretends, he doesn't see him there
Ancestral feuds thrive through infinity
And do not know they ended with you and me.

You and I. I love to say those words
I whisper to you knowing I shan't be heard
I hold you close to me and stroke your hair
Open my eyes and see that you're not there.

Tomorrow, we will meet again, I know
And watch till out of sight, then we must go
My father's hand will pull me from your path
But through our tears, in silence, we will laugh.

©by Voo
April 19, 2004