Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Lilith and Her Children

Lilith, Queen of Darkness, reigns
In nether regions, dwells
Beyond the ports of hope and dreams
In realms of crimson hells
She longs to be a Lady
But demon will remain
Till all the souls of men are hers
And all the Life is drained
Lilith, Queen of Darkness, walks
In dead of night to seek
The children in their little beds
So innocent and meek
Kisses them with her poison mouth
Takes their sweet flavored breath
Pats their soft and tender flesh
And lays them down in death
Lilith, Queen of Darkness, longs
For worship and adoration
For subjects bowing at her throne
Their fear, her decoration
She does not love, she cannot love
She pretends to love the lost
But crushes them in her taloned hands
If they dare to touch the Cross
Lilith, Queen of Darkness, lies
Her words a fabled tale
She did not come from Paradise
But from the bowels of Hell
No apples from the trees of Eden
Have ever touched her mouth
She did not walk that cool green garden
For the angels kept her out
And so she walks this fallen field
And seeks men's souls to eat
The Queen of Darkness with wicked eyes
And lost children at her feet.

©by Voo
December 2, 2005 
6 pm.