Wednesday, April 19, 2017


 She Knows

The ocean waits for my waking
She lies quiet between the shorelines
Purring like a cat 
That dreams of cream

Yawning with the chill of new dawn,
I pull on clothes that smell of sand,
Stumble through the house still dark with night shade,
And throw open the door to a sunrise made by God

There she is, the love of my life!
The tides wave at me with their silvery-white fingers
Beckon me towards her with calls of love 
That too few men can hear

I can only stand there 
In amazement at her beauty
While morning wraps itself 
Around my drowsy shoulders now wide awake

The sea is my lover,
My muse and my temptation
Roaring in my ears
And whispering in my soul like no other can

The sun rises gold in an azure sky
And I can wait no longer
I run to her
My arms outstretched and longing

Laughing as she splashes my face in greeting
Where have you been? she asks
As she folds me in 
Her salty sweet embrace

I was dreaming of you, my love, I answer
Though words are not needed between us
Because she knows
She knows.

© By Voo
Jan 17. 2010
3:23 a.m.
For Larry Kuechlin