Sunday, April 9, 2017


No Silent Bells
It is hard to leave this world quietly
There is something in us that cries out for recognition,
For acknowledgement, for fame, whatever fame might be.

It is hard to fade away into oblivion
When everything in us is screaming for validation
And we are consumed by the fear of our unworth.

It is hard to kick against the thorns
Jesus said to Paul
As he walked to Damascus with his eyes full of pride.

It is hard to be a human being
Here in a world full of money and machine
While every day in every way, they take away our humanity.

It is hard to love outside ourselves
When inside our inner souls, voices cry out
Needing forgiveness and finding little within our own hearts.

It is hard, it is hard, it is so damned hard
And yet, we stumble on because we must
For if we do not try, then what can living mean?

There must be someone here to ring the bells
When the world has drowned in sorrow
And the survivors hide in shadow as tomorrow turns to gray.

The bells in shattered belfreys wait
For us to climb, for us to strive, for us to reach
To ring out our departures and the arrivals of new life.

It is hard to leave this world quietly
There is something in goodbye that tastes of terror
And as I die, I ring this bell in fervent hope, that someone out there hears.

Can you hear me?
Can you hear the.....bells.....?
Promise me they will never go silent, promise me
That you will take my place........

by Voo
Feb 20, 10
10:33 p.m.