Monday, April 10, 2017


             Piano,  Play Me

            Piano, play me
            With wordless tune
            Through breezeless desert
            And 'round the moon.

            Piano, play me
            On black and white
            Pale ivory chords
            That gleam in night.

            Piano, play me
            Forgotten songs
            Like footprints, written
            To guide me on.

            Oh, let me hear
            Your thunderous roar
            Your soft, sweet ebb
            Upon the shore.

            Like starlight falling
            From skies above
            Raise me up high
            To fall in love.

            Your keys have glory
            And notes of gold
            Soothe newborn tantrums
            And hearts grown old.

            How many masters
            Composed and wept
            Upon your keyboards
            While dreamers slept.

            Piano, play me
            Let me draw near
            To music's kingdom   
            Within my ear.

            Piano, play me
            Like rain falls down
            In hands of rapture
            Oh, let me drown.

   ©By Voo
   May 3, 09
   7:08 p.m.