Saturday, May 13, 2017


 Some body's Always Saying Goodbye by Anne Murray

Always Sayin' Goodbye


I watch you walkin' away 
Like you tryin' not to break into a run 
And Lord, a- mercy! I feel like screamin' out your name 
But I don't dare, I don't dare
'Cause I know you can't stand no clinging vine. 

"You and me got us a good thang going." you always say 
Five seconds after you step inside that door 
Just before you grab me up in your arms 
And kiss me like a man just got outta prison 
But that ain't what you say when you walkin' away.

Sometimes I stand out here on the front porch 
When the evenin' is hot and I got the blues so bad 
I just wanna sit and cry my eyes out 
But I come out here and I watch that road and I hope
And I pray and I wish on ever God-Almighty star in that dark heaven.

Wishin' you'd come a-boundin' up that old weedy path
Smilin' that smile and carryin' that old suitcase 
Full of clothes that need washin' and songs that need singin',
Sayin' how much you missed me and how much you love me
And that you comin' home and this time, you gonna stay.

Nobody knows how bad I hurt but the good Lord 

Nobody sees how knotted up inside I am 
'Cause I don't let on to nobody but myself 
That I'm just fadin' away to dust and mis'ry 
Long as you gone, long as you just a memory.

My daddy left my mama all the time 
Left us standin' on that ramshackle old front porch, cryin' 
"Daddy, don't go! Daddy, come back!"
With our little broken hearts and our little empty stomachs 
But that weren't nothin' compared to this.

Why men always gotta leave??

When they got ever thang anybody could ever want 
Right here at home waitin' on 'em when they walk in the door? 
I never could understand that. I never could see no reason for it
There ain't no love out there in that ole world. 

What I wouldn't give to hear "Hello, baby!" right now 

Comin' outta your sweet mouth 
Feel them big strong arms around me 
And that fine frame of yours pressin' up against me 
Like wallpaper on a livin' room wall.

I reckon "Hello" is just about the most wonderful word in the world 
'Specially when you all alone in that world
And nobody notices when you there or when you not
I just need somebody to notice that, you know?
I need you. Dammit to hell! I need you. 

One of these days, boy, you gonna come home 

And ain't nobody gonna be here to greet you! 
I'm gonna be done dead of a broken heart
Dead and buried and gone up to Glory
What you gonna do then? Huh?

Maybe I'll leave a big sign thumbtacked up in the kitchen
Over the table where I eat my lonely meals, 
Cook up banquets that I know you'll never eat, 
Write long letters to you that I never mail
('Cause I wouldn't know where to mail them to no how.)

All that sign gonna say is Goodbye
That somethin' you an expert on 
Somethin' you know how to do better'n anybody on earth 
Lord, I wish you loved me like I love you but you don't
You say you do........................
But real love couldn't leave nobody like that and go walkin' away
Always sayin' goodbye.


©By Voo
April 24, 09
2 a.m.