Tuesday, June 20, 2017




                                                           Play this music as you read
because the song inspired the poem 

When Came The Rain

 When came the rain
Our faces to adorn
As we stood around the wishing well
 On stone feet made forlorn

It sang like birds with magic songs
And touched us with a rare and gentle hand
And to our awe we felt the rush of blood
As stone became a woman and a man

 The gardens sprang forth flowers
 From their depths of earth so sweet
 And we danced in rain-dropped fragrance
 On our unused fragile feet

 The others watched in silence
 Wishing they were us
 No longer rooted to the ground
 But knowing that they must 

 And with hearts that pined and arms entwined
And human eyes to glance
 The shadows twirled us tenderly
 In the dance that lovers dance 

 Thunder bade us run for fear
 But we could feel no dread
 Not even when the lightning bolts
 Made shadows hide their heads

 Our eyes were locked and quite unwilling 
To look at sky or tree
 To await the face of morning sun
 Too full of you and me

 Mine was the face you sought to shine
 I was your sun and you were mine
 And love was there in brightest gleam
 In that shining hour of fulfilled dream

 For life was dead and we were dry
 Like scarecrows standing in the fields
 Who longed to know the touch of hands
 Who longed to know how human feels

 But stone heart cries were answered
 And heard above the pain
 Two granite statues wept for joy
 When there came the rain 

 That wondrous storm of dark midnight
 When the miracles arrived
 And the ravens sat upon our shoulders 
As we came alive

 Then they flew away to tell the tale
 Of magic, dream and chance
 While other statuary stood
 And watched us as we danced.

 ©by Voo 
June 20, 2017
12:58 a.m.