Saturday, July 15, 2017


Dances With Birds

Standing in the kitchen this afternoon
Wearing nothing but a white cotton T shirt
That barely covered the imagination
(It's 116 in the shade, dammit!)

I was making a chef salad
And pouring myself a tall glass of lemonade
When, from outside my window
I heard the scream of a bird
So loud and startling I almost said a bad word
What on earth was that? I thought
And finished the slicing and dicing,
Wiped my hands and pulled back the curtain.

The bird stood there on the driveway
It's wings held up in the air
In a kind of ecstasy
It's head raised up to the sky
It's little feet doing an impromptu
Crazy birdfolk dance
Paying no attention to anyone or thing
It screamed again, not a bird sound
(Definitely not a bird sound.)

But then I noticed that all around the critter
Fell big fat liquid drops of rain
Real ThankGodAlmightyLetItRain rain!
Like we haven't seen in weeks
That we've needed here more than gold.

And I realized
That the bird was screaming in joy
Pure unadulterated joy
No one will believe this, I said out loud
But who cares? 
I dropped the curtain,
Took a big long drink of lemonade,
Looked around to see if the neighbors
Were watching......stepped outside....
And joined him in the dance.

Too Hot by Kool and the Gang

©By Voo
Aug 20, 07
based on a true event