Friday, July 14, 2017


And There Was Only

The mist was gray and wet as dew
And there was only me and you
Walking there so close to dawn
With all the ink of midnight gone.

The champagne drained,
We laughed, wide-eyed
And dropped the bottle
Off the side.

We heard it splash
Into the water
And watched a gull
Go diving after.

All night, we'd talked
And sang and marched
Enlisted soldiers
With new-born hearts.

You quoted Rumi
From memory
And showed me things
The eye can't see.

And I, in turn
Like dervish, twirled
In ecstasy,
An entranced girl.

Until the bridge, 
Rose from the mist
And set the scene
For our first kiss.

The bells of London
Called to the day
And ran the ghosts
Of night away.

And still we stood,
Like statues there
Upon the bridge,
We didn't care.

For love is careless
When it is new
And we is born
From me and you.

Like little children
That played a game
We had no worries,
We had no shame.

Tomorrow's worries
Tomorrow's shames
Could wait to find us
And learn our names.

(And oh, they would
And oh, we'd cry
And fight
Though love refused to die.

Through many years 
Of toil and pain
We'd yearn to be
Like that again.)

But this, our night,
And this our dawn,
Will live when all our lives
Are gone.

In memory and faded rose
In poems on pages faded blue
The bridge, the mist, the sacred kiss
And there was only me and you.

and there was only me and you.....

by Voo
March 7, 2011
11:49 p.m.