Saturday, June 24, 2017


Play song with poem, it adds so much
Song to the Siren by George Michael originally

The Game of Chance

I was falling off the the mountain top
I was splashing in the sea
When there came a tiny nightingale
Who sang her song to me

I was drifting like a piece of wood
I was drowning in the deep
When there came a mermaid siren's call
That lulled me down to sleep

I was plunging to a watery grave
I was descending down to hell
When there came a fish that made a wish
And said he wished me well

I was fighting death with every breath
I was longing so to breathe
When there came a cup that raised me up
But the cup was like a sieve

I was clinging to the sides of hope
I was ascending to the sun
When there came a voice that gave a choice
And I quickly made the one

I was dying when I met her
I was living when she left
When there came the day she went away
And I plunged broken and bereft 

And I don't know how to say this
How to tell you how I felt
When she won my  heart in her game of chance
As I played the cards she dealt

I have been a weary traveler
I have been a tortured man
When my mountains crumbled at her feet
And I was buried in the sand

I have walked the lonely desert
I have swum the cold black sea
When the voices whispered to my soul
That love never wanted me

But off, now, I hear the nightingale
And I hear it call my name
And when the siren sings, I know that I
Will play her games again.

For what is life without taking chances
And what is love but breath?
When she reaches her hand to this man
I'll choose that living death

I have seen the other side of love
I have known what few will know 
When love smiles at me with sunlit eyes
To it's embrace I will go

Even if it starts to die
And the world goes dark again
When all is gone and I'm alone
I'll reach out to love again

I'll be falling off the mountaintop
I'll be splashing in the sea
And when the nightingale sings her lonely song
I will know she sings for me.

©By Voo
June 24, 2017
6:45 p.m.

inspired by the poetry
of the great Leonard Cohen