Thursday, August 3, 2017

DEPARTURE dedicated to my sister Kathy who left us last October but August 7th is her birthday


I cannot go where you go now
There among the stars
And unending night........
I cannot follow in your airy footsteps
Or fly on the gossamer wings
That have been granted
In the taking of your life
And the bestowing of the death
Of the best and brightest of all companions
I can only grieve and regret now
Wondering if by loving you more
I could have kept you fastened
More firmly on this infirm planet
And preserved physically the essence
That made you who you are.........
That will keep you who you always will be
Here in this heart now that's deprived of your joy
Here in this mind now that is filled with your memory
Here in this house now that is haunted by your face.

©by Voo
written yrs ago
but dedicated now 
to your memory

R.I.P. Kathy Sue
Happy Birthday
in Heaven

with love from your sisters

We Miss You


and I miss sitting on the porch singing this with you when we were kids...