Friday, March 24, 2017

BEAUTY FOR MY EYES collab with Voo and Ray Gallon....words, mine, painting, his


Beauty For My Eyes

I found something I had never lost
But searched for all my life
I found some peace there in the pieces
In the art work of the knife.

That had ripped my soul to tiny shreds
And left the scene of crime
To find other victims of this fate
And to blur my face with time.

I found something I had never lost
Because I never owned it
I never knew a love that was true
(Or at least, I've never known it.)

For lies have been my daily bread
And tears have been my feast
I've begged for beauty for my eyes
And only seen the beast.

The cold hard truth is: love is cruel
And pain it's only measure
No scales have weighed an ounce of joy
No real artist painted pleasure.

But now I've found a canvas fresh
A palette full and new
And colors spring from my paint brush
For I found myself in you.

Now I can paint a rainbow
Now I can sketch a dove
And the loneliness that haunted my every footstep
Has been banished by your love.

I found something I had never lost
I found it in your eyes
I found the book of love and truth
And tore out all the lies.

The knife that ripped me is thrown away
The teardrops all but ceased
And joy immeasurable has filled me up
Beauty's killed the beast.


words ©by Voo
Nov 16, 2004
12:30 a.m. +Voo Voo
Painting ray gallon 2017