Saturday, March 25, 2017

THE DEATH OF DISTANCES poem written to me by my friend Larry

The Death of Distances

From the tawdry chase of mountaintop tease;
Through the windy halls of poetic song;
The death of distances without reprieve
Makes my fractured soul penitently long

For the briefest rumor of star dance brush
Across these eyes forlorn and angel blind;
And the shadowed silk of heavenly touch
To ease this tormented knights grieving mind.

And now, on this hallowed ground, tall I stand;
In the breast of Poseidon; here I vow;
As distances die into sunful sand
I sway this lucid dream of evening bough;

My sullen memories now washed away
When on this wind-gilded, wildflowered day 
My heart, pierced magnificently, flew
Into the moon-laden drift of sweet, sweet Voo

(Attribution already clearly denoted…)

by Larry Kuechlin