Saturday, March 25, 2017


Rivers Ago

Rivers ago
I fought an un-win-able battle
I thought I knew the answers
But only questions came to light
When I laid my weary head 
Beneath the wayward stars.

You were there, always
An inch away from true love
And a million miles from me
Dancing in somebody else’s starlight
Quenching your thirst with a stranger’s wine
But never mine.

I’ve made it a habit
Of crossing rivers just to cross them
Going from one side to the other
Looking forward, looking back
To see which side looks better
But there’s no difference on either side for me.

You were fool’s gold
When I thought you were pure
Thought I’d found the mother lode of all love
The hidden treasure, the pearl of great price
The shelter for my homeless heart
But you tarnished when I held you in my hands.

Still I hoped
Until hope was drained by drought
And even then, dredged for your love
In the mud of dis-consolation
You were always on the wrong side of every river
And I never learned to swim.


©by Voo
Feb 10, 08

                   Bea's song by Cowboy Junkies
I was listening to them while writing this.....