Saturday, March 25, 2017


The Rain Man and the Moon

He stands in twilight, dreaming now
Of all he could have been
The hero rushing toward the foe
Like an eagle on the wind.

He tastes the sweetness, bitter tinged
Of life and love and loss
The pile of treasures in his heart
Grown higher with each toss.

He thinks about the eagerness
He felt to tackle such
Before he knew the false from true
Before he knew too much.

When every day was holiday
And every night was bliss
When love would fall there at his call
In a lovely stranger's kiss.

Round every corner, beckoned
Adventures for his soul
Searching high and low and far
For glitter and for gold.

Till thieves broke in and robbed him
Took eagerness and bliss
Bound him in his own gold chains
And left him lost like this.

But he has one, last precious gift
That can't be lost or taken
He holds it there, this gift so rare
In a soul that feels forsaken.

The Rain Man reaches out his hand
Beholds the moon up high
Begs for rain on parched dry land
With teardrops in his eyes.

The moon looks down from heaven
Beholds the Rain Man's pleas
Sends a message to the clouds
As the man falls to his knees.

The thunder wakes in fury
The lightning lifts her face
The rain falls round the Rain Man's feet
And he thanks the sky for grace.

So little now, does he have left
This gift, this wondrous thing
To make it rain, to ease the pain
Still makes his sad heart sing.

He stands in moonlight, smiling now
When the storm has passed and flown
Shining in the moon's embrace
Till the lonely night has gone.

©by Voo
May 03, 08
7:16 p.m.

*thanks Mark C. for your face above*