Saturday, March 25, 2017

MAN WITH A HAT for leonard

Man With A Hat

Hat on heart, he stands there looking lonely
Gazing into my eyes and through them past my soul
Toward some unknown inferno
Blazing quietly in a distant void
Now his forehead creases and his eyebrow lifts
And he smiles a tiny smile which makes me squirm, 
Not knowing if it is for me or for the girl
From yesterday who still lives in his mind
Man with a hat, simple, yet debonair, wistful as a child
And deep as Rodin's Thinker
Always he will live on my living room wall
In the gold gilded frame over the ancient piano
Looking at me with his melancholy face
And the hat that another woman gave him
But always knowing, both of us
That it was my camera and my love
That took the picture.

©by Voo
To Leonard

                             I'm Your Man by the late great Leonard Cohen