Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Dancing like Delilah

Dancing like Delilah danced
In robes of silken red
As she swirled to charm the secrets
Out of Samson's head.

Singing like a nightingale
In a quiet Parisian square
Songs to trap the wildest heart
And mesmerize me there.

Smiling like the Mona Lisa
Mysterious, nonchalant
Enticing me with cool indifference
While all your beauties flaunt.

Running down those silver streets
With rain about you falling
Turning to look back at me
With sweet entreaties calling.

Why must you taunt my gentle heart
And play your wicked games?
You, who hold my gifts of love
And will not speak my name.

I am a poor man, rest assured
Not rich by any means
I do not dare to touch the stars
Or live in lofty dreams.

But you, my love, you are my dream
I crave and want you so
And though you sway beyond my reach
I will not let you go.

Beguile me, yes, seduce me, yes!
In your darkness I will dance
Sing to me and charming be
But give my heart a chance.

For lost was I that fateful night
In moon's glow, my eyes fell
Upon your form and fairest face
And my life was plunged to hell.

A swirling dervish in female form
Your eyes, come-hither bold
I felt your fire on that garden path
Consume away my cold.

A madman you have made of me
A thing of teasing's tool
Though I am known for wit and wisdom
Of me, love's made a fool.

All of my secrets I would tell
If you, my love, would ask
I'd climb the highest heights for you
Perform the lowest task.

But you stand there with parted lips
And rip my soul in two
Turn your back and softly laugh
"I have no need of you."



Still Lost by Tom McRae
inspired the write....

©by Voo
Aug 12, 07