Wednesday, March 22, 2017

UNFINISHED the written and spoken word versions


When I, in lonely silent waves
Of sound, surround myself with you
Your face imprinted on my mind,
Your eyes like candles, shining,
I hold you there with terror'd fingers,
Reaching through dark rain filled clouds
To find the sun of suns.

Upon the night wind in my soul,
You fly to me like driven angels 
Breathing my name in and out
A mantra without end
So far away, the sight of you,
Yet near enough to taste
I reach for you, I yearn for you, my hungry heart to hold.

If I could dream, I'd dream you here
Within my empty arms
Your love, a fountain I'd pour out
Upon my barren fields
And I, in turn, like unborn flowers
Would bloom for you forever
Instead, I wither needlessly, like a crushed rose on the road.

I met you on a friendless sea
When there was naught before us,
But sand and sky and unvoiced hope
And furtive fevered sighs
And then we turned and walked beyond
Where trembling hands might touch
Looking back and looking back and walking ever on.

There is a song my soul would write
And you, it's sweet refrain
Relentless, in it's melody
And tears, to my eyes, bring
If God should bring you towards me now,
I'd run on broken glass
And never turn and never turn but keep my eyes on you.

This void, this chasm, in me now
With each day, wider grows
I can't be whole, I know that now,
Because I saw your face
It may never be that you find me,
And that sun may never rise
And my life will end, an unfinished song, because I don't have you.

by Voo
April 16, 20011
1:24 a.m.
For S

                                           my video of me reading this poem