Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Loreena McKennitt- Kecharitomene

Warrior Women

We are the warrior women
We, who conquer fears
Except the one that comes at night
That creeps in with our tears.

The fear that quietly says to us
“You’ll never know a man
Who’ll love you like you need to be
Who’ll fit the master plan.”

That fear that does not talk to us
In daylight, morn or noon
But waits to torment us with night
In silent streams of moon.

Our days are filled with woman’s work
With care, concern and chore
We take care of the ones we love
And cry inside for more.

We feed and clothe and garden
We shop and sew and mend
We wait for love to pass us by
And notice us again.

We drive and file and organize
We wash and iron and fold
We open windows to the warmth
And bar them from the cold.

We cook and bake and regulate
We pay unending bills
We kiss away the little hurts
And nurse away the ills.

We fall in tired and weary beds
With day just hours away
Escape to dreams made out of hopes
That waking tongues can’t say.

Warriors, all we, in this world
Fierce and bold and strong
Women, soft and sad and wise
Who see the right and wrong.

We slay the daily dragons
Protect the innocent
Stand up to the unjust ones
From whom our woes are sent.

There isn’t much that we can’t do
If we are forced to do it
We grit our teeth, roll up our sleeves
And then we just get to it.

Warrior women, young and old
And black and white and brown
Yellow, tan and all between
They cannot keep us down.

Except at night, when shadows walk
And heartache makes it’s call
It’s then we let our hearts run loose
It's then, sometimes we fall.

It’s not that we cannot exist
Without a man to hold
But life without love’s tender touch
Soon withers and dies old.

Warrior women, without love
Stand strong against the world
Keeping order with stoic face
That conceals the little girl.

We need some shoulders to lean on
And loving, seeing eyes
That know it’s time to hold us close
When the warrior in us cries.

We are the warrior women
We overcome the pain
But the little girls in us need love
Until we’re strong again.

by Voo
Aug 19, 2010
9:44 p.m.

                                            Warrior Women