Tuesday, March 21, 2017


 Hush-a-bye Lullaby 
                  For The Boy That I Love

Rock-a-bye baby on the wings of a dove
Hush-a-bye sweetheart in the soft arms of love
Rush now to Dreamland on the breath of the night
Mama will see you in the morning's first light.

Sweet little baby, sweet little one
Gentle and tender with your life just begun
Running all day in discovery's joy
God's love all wrapped up in the form of a boy.

Dream now, my darling, dream of the day
Coming tomorrow and the pleasure of play
Spontaneous kisses and hugs given free
Your face such a treasure from Heaven to me.

Sleep, little angel, in pure innocence
Renew your engine, your energy's spent
So much to look at and so much to learn
Jump up and fall down and do and discern.

Your journey's beginning and mine has begun
To see life anew in the spirit of fun
Childhood is precious and too soon is gone
But the memories will hold me when I'm all alone.

Promise me, precious, you won't grow up too fast
I'll slow down the clocks and I'll make this time last
I'll fly you forever on the wings of a dove
I'll rock you to sleep in the soft arms of love.

©by Voo
Aug 30, 07
9 p.m.