Thursday, March 16, 2017


I Was Born With Wings

I was born with wings that were clipped from my young shoulders
After running wild and free on this grim earth
After two or three years of flying and living
Innocent and unconcerned with terrestial things and human pain
The loss of my wings brought me anguish
And sorrow and heartache and terror
That would shadow me the rest of my life
And never let me know that taste of freedom again
Feet cannot be compared to wings
Feet can only run, they cannot soar
They cannot take you high above the clouds
Of despair and over and beyond the awful things
That wait in darkness to grasp your soul
Feet cannot outrun the thing that runs behind you
Or crawls below you or slinks in front of you
But wings! Wings can lift you up and away
To heights untouched by life's tragedies and hell's demons
Wingless now, I can only run and run and run
Run toward Heaven, where I've been told 
My wings are waiting for me.

©by Voo
Feb 12, 2005 
2:30 p.m.