Thursday, March 16, 2017


wingless horses

and we were like wingless horses
running across the sky
pounding hooves like rolling thunder
fleeing from the clouds that cry

you and I, so much in love
you and I, so much in hate
you and I, too young to carry
all that worry, woe and weight

we didn’t know what we didn’t know
we didn’t see what we couldn’t see
our hearts would look for hidden treasures
found only inside you and me

days when love would pass like strangers
nights when dreams would burn to ash
weeks when life would slice our fingers
as it hurried by so fast

and then it slowed and then it stopped
and then it drowned in pouring rain
and then it died of great neglect
and then it came to life again

great breaking hearts inside our breasts
grew stronger with each pain and tear
no separation put asunder
the union of our love and fear

you and I, we fought like lions
you and I, we sang like birds
you and I, we killed each other
with our passion and our words

but we rose up like wingless horses
that didn’t know they couldn’t fly
and raced the winds that blew against us
let them raise us up so high

until we reached the pinnacle
until we left the lowest depths
leaving madness far behind us
and sang to love with our last breaths.

©by Voo
Aug 6, 2012
2:00 a.m.