Monday, March 27, 2017



I looked for you again today
Out on the sea down by the bay
I called your name into the sky
But only storm clouds passed me by.

The ships had come from journeys long
To bring their sailors back to home
To bring the weary home from sea
But there was no one there for me.

I gathered roses red and sweet
To make a carpet for your feet
I wrote a song to sing aloud
But could not find you in the crowd.

I walked for hours on the shore
Till I could see the sea no more
I watched the sunset turned to blood
And drown in midnight's darkened flood.

My roses wilted in my hands
And scattered there upon the sands
As tears afresh sprang from my eyes
I shook to clear my head of lies.

And turned for home, that lonely place
Devoid of love and of your face
That sailor's face who loves the sea
Who loves it so much more than me.



©by Voo
March 7, 2005
 2 a.m.

painting by Winslow Home

                                SHIPWRECKED BY SHANE ALEXANDER

                                   The song that inspired the poem