Saturday, May 13, 2017


The Damage You Did To Me

Thinking back on yesterday and all it held in it's hand
Such promise, such hope, such....torment
I can only shake my head in wonder
That I ever believed a single word you said
You silver tongued devil with your savoir faire,
Your joie de vivre, your je ne sais quoi
Your B.S.
I'd like to take your face in my hands
And smash myself into your eyes,
Make you feel the panic I felt
The first time I looked into the mirror
And didn't see you standing there beside me.

Terror even overtook me when I called
Your name and you didn't answer, 
Called your house and another woman
Softly said "Hello."
I thought the world had ended

And nobody told me
But everybody knew I'd been played
And they were laughing in my face
It was hell..................
And I did my time and I survived.

Now undo the damage you did to me
By letting me see you cry and hurt and plead
And die from wanting
I know she left you and that's why you're here
Those wounded eyes are staring into my soul
Searching for consolation and admittance,
Hope reaching out it's hand in tearful silence
Waiting to hear the words you long to hear
Remember yesterday? You ask and I nod my head
And smile. Oh, yes, I remember yesterday, my love
I remember every lovely, bloody thing
And every lovely, bloody lie!
You left me here like damaged goods in the trash heap
Of broken hearts.

Now looking into your sorrowful eyes,
 I feel renewed,
I feel relieved,
I feel reborn 
I remember everything.............
And closing the door in your startled face, 
I hear you gasp and try to speak 
And a moan escapes your throat
As your unbelieving eyes take in my victory
The damage is undone.............
Now take your silver tongue and get the hell out!

© by Voo
 Aug 4, 2005