Saturday, August 20, 2016


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Four Stood Watching

Two men walked up
But four there stood
At the door of gilded gold and wood.

Two ladies danced
On marble floor
But on the walls, danced two ladies more.

Two trees swayed there
Back, fro and to
But on the ground swayed another two.

Two people kissed
Warm as the sun
But in their hearts, they stood as one.

Two lives entwined
Lived just the same
One went away and one remained.

Two people kissed
Lips sweet with charms
Then passed this life in each other's arms.

Two men walked up
But four there stood
Two ladies waltzing, but four dancers would.

Four ladies twirling
Four men, entranced
Then four stood watching as their shadows danced.

by Voo
Jan 23, 16
4 p.m.