Saturday, August 20, 2016


The Night of the Double Moons

There was a day when the sun rose green

And all the dimples in the clouds cried rain
It was a day of darkness, yet of emerald
And nothing dared to look upon the sky
Not even blades of grass.

There was a night when moons shone, doubled

And danced through starry flowerfields like meadows
It was a night of light and brightest mystery
And no one dared to wonder, ponder on it's shining
Not even hooded owls.

Thus was the day of new beginnings...............

And nights that had no end but ever ending
It stunned the eye and burned the heart
It trapped the soul in chiseled chasms, always falling
Always falling, but finally feeling free.

I was born that day and grew to fullness

In that starry sky that shone like candles
A billion lanterns in the night, lit by hands no man could see
And there I danced with cloud and owl on moonlight slippers
Alone and yet, so un-alone, the heavens' laughter rang.

I could not know upon my birth, what lay before

I could not see with new born eyes, what lay behind
I could not tell with mind so filled and fresh just what I knew
But I could love because my heart
Was born of love.

And you, my dearest, deep desire

What of your birth and journeys long?
I did not know nor yet remember
Where you would go or whence you'd come
I only knew you were my home.

And so I travelled, through sea and sky

In a world that called my name in thunder
Whispered to me in the wind
And touched my face with falling leaves
Never showing yourself to me.

And I grew old, though hardly showing

The age that withered my yearning heart
My steps, then slowed while moving onward
I looked for you 'round every bend, 'round every man
'Round every star and cloud and dream.

And then the sun rose green again

And then the dimpled clouds rained tears
And then the double moons appeared
And I cried out my sad heart's fears
And I turned 'round to find you there.

Across the spaces in the skies

Your hands were reaching for my own
Your face, illumined by your smile
I ran with feet and flew with wings
To your open arms, your heart, my home.

No more to travel this world alone

No more to travel this world alone.

©by Voo

Dec 6, 2015
7:05 p.m.