Saturday, August 20, 2016


Hands of Fire 

I took the fire in my hands
Blew upon the blaze,
Clasped it to my hungry heart
And upwards I did gaze.

My mind was full of worry
My soul was full of woe,
My body was a tired thing
That did not want to go.

But down within, my spirit man
Stood up and said goodbye,
Waved farewell to the slaves of hell
And every scheme and lie.

They didn’t want to let go
They screamed their angry screams,
They threatened to make nightmares
Out of all my dreams.

And though their threats were frightening
And my flesh fought hard to flee,
I didn’t let them see my fear
Or weakness within me.

I turned not to the right or left
I kept my face like flint,
I felt the fire consume me
Though I was not burned or bent.

The devils howled in terror
The demons crawled away,
But the fire they feared, that holy fire
Refined me there that day.

My flesh began to crumble
My soul sought to submit,
My spirit grew to ten feet tall
And my mind was awed by it.

No more a faithless, worthless worm
No more a dirty rag,
My inner man, the eternal me
Stepped out of that worn bag.

And as I stood and watched it die
My mouth began to praise,
My eyes began to see the plan
Designed in ancient days.

And all my soul was quieted
And all my heart was healed,
And all the false things in my life
Fell off and became real.

I burned and burned as I drank deep
Of the new wine in the cup,
I burned when I ate of the bread
And I did not burn up.

I walked the world in flames of fire
That shot out of my eyes,
My heart, a wounded thing made whole
That heard the whole world’s cries.

And even now, as I write this
I must, of God, inquire,
How can I hold this paper here
When my hands are on fire?

I long to lay them on the heads
Of lost and dying men,
To show them hope in hopelessness
And make them live again.

I want to im-part what I’ve learned
To unbelieving fools,
Share with them the joys of life
Equip them with new tools.

I need to take them to the well
And bid them to drink deep,
Break their chains of dark despair
And give them keys to keep.

I desire to give this holy fire
That burns now higher still,
To man and woman, boy and girl
And whosoever will.

I’d give my life for others
If others my life could save,
I’d pull them out with my own hands
From the coldness of the grave.

This fire that’s shut up in my bones
Bids me to preach and teach,
This fire in my heart and hands
Bids me to seek and reach.

I yearn to touch the untouchables
And make them clean and new,
Watch the dross burn out of the gold
May I share this fire with you?

©by Voo