Saturday, August 20, 2016


    Evil Laughs While Holiness Cries

Evil Laughs While Holiness Cries

What is this thing that turns the heart?
That makes the brightest eyes go dark?
That steals the innocence out of the soul
And makes the wealth of the world it's goal?

What is this rot that creeps in the garden?
That demands a life sacrifice and never gives pardon?
That uglies the beauty and disdains the sweet
While craving the worship and kissing of feet?

What is this wretched, wretched woe
That spreads it's death every where it may go?
That laughs in delight when a soldier falls dead
And howls at the nightmares that live in the head?

It is evil, pure evil, the bane of mankind
The destitute, driven, despairing and blind
Power of darkness, and Lucifer's ploy
To rid all the planet of it's solace and joy.

And while it laughs in the face of the dying
Holding onto the rope that it's ever untying
There is holiness here that is watching with eyes
And while evil is laughing, that holiness cries.

Cries to the Heavens for mercy and grace
For tears to be wiped from each sad human face
Cries for the homeless, the poor and the lame
Weeps for the wounded, the lost and un-named.

Holiness living and breathing in men
Who've turned from the evil and seduction of sin
Holiness falling from the Heavens like rain
To revive us and make us into His image again.

Holiness from God, that invisible thing
That flows from His throne and His unending spring
To the hearts of the people that from evil have run
To the arms ever outstretched and the love of His Son.

That holiness bids us to righteously live
And flee from the foolishness that evil will give
To reach out in mercy and touch in His name
To give Him the glory and evil the blame.

For that evilness came from a realm so dark
It killed all the love in Lucifer's heart
It turned his soul into stone and to pride
And all of his beauty and blessedness died.

And in God's face, he shook his fists
And his musical voice became a hiss
As he watched his pure light begin to flicker and dim
He laughed, "I'll take all His beloved from Him."

And from that day, in evil's grasp
He's turned bright futures to blighted pasts
And men that love that hated lie
Have laughed with him even as they die.

But holy tears and holy cries
Can break through barriers to Heaven's skies,
Dispatch the minions that evil sends
And reach the cold, dead hearts of men.

For holiness is of the Father most High
The power and presence that no mortal can buy
But His Spirit gives freely of that presence and power
To the forgiven, made righteous, in the Earth's darkest hour.

We do not laugh now, our heads are bowed
We've been so humbled, we've appeared so cowed
We've hidden ourselves from the world and it's pride
While evil was laughing and holiness cried.

But one sweet day, the tide will turn
And the realm of darkness will blaze up and burn
And all that laughed then will be mourning, condemned
But holiness still, will be crying for them.

©by Voo
Feb 22, 2014
10:35 p.m.