Saturday, August 20, 2016


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  Seven Bridges To Home  

The first bridge to Earth from Heaven
And life that must be lived
To learn and grow and much to know
Like how to take and give.

The second bridge from child to adult
And maturing, growing tall
Seeing what is good and bad
But never learning all.

The third bridge seeking for the One
Who gives that life to you
And giving that life back to Him
The God of Good and True.

The fourth bridge takes you to the world
And all that it may offer
The game of fame and making a name
And money in the coffer.

The fifth bridge stretches for many
And seems at times so long
While life slows down and foot steps falter
And you begin to long for Home.

The sixth bridge is a tiresome trek
You pray for strength and breath
You feel again like a helpless child
Unprepared for life and death.

But oh, the seventh bridge awaits!
And on that distant shore
Stands the Son of Man where life began
And calls you Home once more.

The seventh bridge, the seventh day
The day of joy and rest
The ending of the long long journey
The seventh and the best.

And at the end of the seventh
When you think there's no more to see
An eighth bridge appears to a new world of no tears
And you'll walk into Eternity.

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by Voo
first poem of new year
Jan 21, 2016
3:07 p.m.