Saturday, March 18, 2017

CLANDESTINE RAIN (the splendor of your laughing face)

Clandestine Rain
(the splendor of your laughing face)

Waiting in the carriage at the end of Summer Lane
I pulled the fur close to my neck for the fall of sudden rain
Had brought a chill into the air and the horses stamped their feet
They longed for home, they didn't care who I had come to meet.

The driver cleared his throat and pulled his cap low on his head
A lightning bolt flashed bright nearby and filled my heart with dread
I couldn't understand why you were tarrying so long
I needed wine and candlelight and my ears full of your song.

I needed you close in my arms and dazzling with your smile
The night wore on and thunder roared and accompanied me a while
I thought about your sweet, sweet face, I thought about your hands
That played the violin for me as my eyes devoured the man.

I thought about how you loved me in a way I've never known
A royal, true, and unlike you, with no home of your own
To palace bred and palace born, to loveless life unshared
Marriage arranged so cold, estranged, to a man that never cared.

And you, a gypsy, wild and free with raven eyes and locks
Living life on your own terms free of my rules and clocks
What splendor in your laughing face! What wonder in your eyes!.
You brought a truth to life in me that had known, till then, but lies.

Clandestine meetings in the dark, chance meetings on the street
Your eyes would find me and my heart would fall down at your feet
The palace spies, they shadowed me, they looked to find my fault
So often did they spoil our joy and bring our plans to naught.

But sometimes, sometimes, did I slip past and meet you in the night
And share with you such happy times there in the candlelight
But here tonight, I wait for you in the carriage in the rain
And longing for you with a love that feels less like love than pain.

The driver stills the horses now who are chomping at their bits
Wild eyed, they scream in horses' tongues as the jagged lightning hits
My face is buried in my hands, I know that I should go
But if I leave, my soul will grieve and you'll come and will not know.

A letter! I think, I'll leave a note for you there by the tree
Where you oft leave your gifts and poems and carved a heart for me
I hurry to do the task and write, my hands trembling in the strife
But the smile on my lips dies as the carriage door opens
And a cold voice says "Hello, wife!"

© by Voo
Feb 10, 2005 
12:30 a.m.

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