Saturday, March 18, 2017


Nothing Rhymed Today

Nothing rhymed today
There was no meter or melody
No singing lyric or verse of song
Just jangled nerves and unspoken fears
Left dangling on my key chain.

Cars passed me
In the pouring rain
And never acknowledged the girl
With the gas can and the thumb
And the mascara running down my face.

I could have shown some leg
I suppose
But my clothes were plastered to me
Like I had been poured into them
And everything I had was exposed already.

If it had been yesterday
I would have laughed at my mishap
Run down the highway
Danced in the rain and stopped traffic
With the glow on my shining face.

Everything rhymed yesterday
Every word that issued from my mouth
Was finely tuned, in perfect key
Poetry sprang from my fingertips
And car horns sounded like sonnets.

But I have no music left in me
It walked out in your suitcase last night
Winked it's dark eye and said goodbye
And I heard it laughing
All the way down the staircase to the street.

Poetry is a traitor
It makes you write when you don't want to
From places you don't want to revisit
Sing songs so sad they break the heart
And make rhymes of things that will never rhyme again.

©by Voo
August 8, 07