Saturday, March 18, 2017

POEM OFF THE TOP a spur of the moment write for a challenge

Poem Off The Top

Don't go there.
It's dangerous.

eLECTRIC wires and such
jangling like coins on a dead man's eyes.

you say you want a revolution?
then don't talk about it....................
Go out and dingdang do it!!!

Dance like the devil is watching
And trying to steal your steps.

Shake your fist in his face and say, Shoo!

LISTEN. I used to be a ballet dancer in a freakish side show
    They made us  pirouette 24/7
till our toes turned into granite and then fell off

It was beautiful but it was no fun.

Papa was a rolling stone
But Mama was made outta moss

Hence: No body in our house was happy.

Use to, things were like they were supposed to be, you know?
Nowadays, nothing works until technicians come out and charge you fifty-five dollars an hour and then it breaks down again just as soon as they get in their Geek Squad cars and drive away. GEEK cars, ain't that what they call 'em? Geek cars!!  More like freak cars!!

Life is a cabaret, my friend.
Only, Judy Garland is dead and gone
and nobody can sing torch songs no more
Songs are illustrated by pyROtechNeeks and lasers
And you really can't tell if they on key or not
Lawd knows I'd like to take a dang torch to most of 'em!

I'm just sitting here in this swing
On my porch, observing, minding my own business
And you little punk, hop hip, hippity hop, Milk Dud snorting wise asses
Just come jiving along making fun of life and all that is wholly, holey holy carrying them BOOM bADA BING boom boxes
turned up so damn high you shake the tennie shoes off the Electric wires!! 

(You know why my grandson throws them shoes up there on them wires like that? He do it cause he don't want nobody to steal his shoes!!! The idjit!)
And let me tell you, it gets me red in the face and disgustipated!

i'll CALL thE CoPs!
no, on second thought.....................
they might be more trouble than you guys.

listen. listen to me.....
If you shut up and turn that &%$#@*$ damn music down, 
I'll give you a whole bag of Milk Duds
And you all can take off down to the park
With the rusted out Monkey Bars and the one seated See Saws
And get your Dud on, Dudes.

What's that?

Hmm. Alrighty then. Be that way.
Just sit down yonder on them steps
AND I'll tell you a story
'bout the old days
when dinosaurs roamed the earth
and there were no In and Outs on every corner,
Just meat markets walking around
on all fours and women hanging round the cliffs
like BIG JUICY berries.

I don't care if you believe me or not.
It's true. Read your comic books. That be where
The truth lies.

I gots to go to the store and then I gots to go see my Mama
and then I gots to go down to the jail and see if they found my Daddy
and then, I......I.....
aw, hell.  I'm thinking bout something else done happened twenty year ago! hee hee.....ain't I a mess?

Ya'll get on away from here, now, you hear?
I done talked myself out. You shouldn't come by here every day
And make me run myself ragged like this. 
I'm old as dirt 
And they ain't no flowers planted in me no more.


   and stay away from them eLECTRIC wIRes!!!!!

lawdamercy, what this world done come to?!
Judy Garland, Judy Garland.............................
Where are you now that we need ya, darlin'?

by Voo

March 31, 2012
3:07 p.m.

"That's right, that's right!!!!  What he said! He know what he talkin' 'bout!"