Saturday, March 18, 2017


I Play For You a Violin

I play for you a violin
And song so soft and sweet
I keep my eyes downcast, demure
As I sit at your feet.

I play for hours at your request
Till time has lost it's meaning
And candles burn down to their wicks
And night is slowly weaning.

Before the dawn has fully come
You hold your hand up high
And bid me stop my melody
Arise and say goodbye.

You do not look back at my face
Tearstung and raised to light
You do not see the love I bear
As you pass from my sight.

A servant girl, that's all I am
With gifted hands to play
Sweet melodies to comfort you
From torments of your day.

A king of royal dynasty
A man of power and yet
You find no peace in power's grasp
No love in life's plan set.

And so I play and so you listen
In silence, just we two
Night after night till daylight breaks
And my heart breaks for you.

You have no inkling of the love
I feel there as I play
Pretending you are mine alone
Till morn takes you away.

To kingly duties, kingly demands
The power of life and death
There in your words, there in your hands
There in your very breath.

All day I wait till midnight comes
For the summon and the call
Your weary face so full of woe
Till at your feet I fall.

And I play for you my violin
Pray peace into the gloom
Wait for your sigh with tear filled eyes
As my love fills up the room.

©by Voo
April 28, 2007
3:45 p.m.